Burke J. Grooms

Fantasy author. Debut novel Fireflies coming soon.


For years upon years, we would steal down the stairs to my friend's basement after the last of the Saturday Morning cartoons finished and beg to play, but we were too young. That is, until the magic Christmas when we weren’t. My friend was given the D&D 2nd Edition starter set. It came with five characters, a set of dice, and three adventures. We played them inside and out, countless times over the course of the next few months. Then birthdays started coming, and our parents conspired to give us bits and pieces of this hobby. A campaign setting here. A monster book there. My friend’s dad DMed our sessions until one foggy winter morning during Christmas Break, it was our turn to go on our own adventures.


It was on that day that the chair was offered, that I began my first steps towards what would become a life-shaping journey. I took the DMs chair and became the storyteller. Please follow along here, and on my social media accounts as I document my journey from amateur Dungeons and Dragons Dungeon Master to published author!

I have killed dragons with dice and Lich Kings with keyboards and I'm here to tell you a story.

Is this the point where I’m supposed to give you my best starry-eyed smile and tell you I’ve been writing my whole life? I haven’t. Once upon a time, many years ago I was barely tall enough to see the tabletop upon which my friend’s father would play Dungeons and Dragons with his friends. It was captivating. The books with their luscious illustrations of monsters to slay. The multicolored polyhedral dice determining who won and who lost. But most captivating of all was the man at the end of the table. The man who made the whole thing go around. The Dungeon Master. The Storyteller.